Improving your resistance to stress.

The blood sugar blues
After a blood sugar rush, your energy level drops, you lose concentration, get confused, suffer from bouts of
‘brain fog’, fall asleep after meals, get irritable, freak out, cannot sleep, cannot wake up, sweat too much,get headaches … Sound familiar? In an attempt to regain control, most people turn to stimulants, e.g. coffee, tea, chocolate, cigarettes, horror films, bungee jumping … something to put you on the edge.

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Beat Stress At Christmas – Tips to keep stress under control in the run up to the holidays!!

It’s meant to be ‘the most wonderful time of the year’ but the pressure of the Christmas can often mean a stress overload. Here’s what to do about it.

Though you look forward to it all year, when Christmas arrives the experience can be pretty overwhelming. Trying to get everything ready in time can be incredibly stressful, especially for women – a third of whom feel more stressed in December than any other month, according to research. And small wonder, money worries, family tensions, pressure to socialise, and over-excited children on a sugar high is hardly a recipe for success. And, if you struggle to stay at your happy weight or often turn to food as a way of coping or rewarding yourself, being surrounded by treats and snacks over the Christmas rarely has a happy ending.

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