Improving your resistance to stress.

The blood sugar blues
After a blood sugar rush, your energy level drops, you lose concentration, get confused, suffer from bouts of
‘brain fog’, fall asleep after meals, get irritable, freak out, cannot sleep, cannot wake up, sweat too much,get headaches … Sound familiar? In an attempt to regain control, most people turn to stimulants, e.g. coffee, tea, chocolate, cigarettes, horror films, bungee jumping … something to put you on the edge.

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Emotional eating…

Why do we do it?
Most people experience some level of compulsive eating – those who don’t are the exceptions. So what causes it? The first is physiological: low blood sugar drives us to seek out fast releasing energy – this is a very strong survival mechanism that is hard to resist. In a similar way, if we are deficient in essential fats, our bodies will seek out fatty foods. And we can also get hooked on the feel good chemicals (adrenalin, serotonin, etc.) that some food and drink release in us. The brilliant thing is that improving our diets from the nutritional perspective will help with a lot of our cravings – freeing us from the need for willpower. However, we still need to address any remaining cravings and urges to overeat.

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Which Fat?

Park that notion that fat is bad. It is not. In fact, most of us aren’t eating enough of it. Fat can help you lose weight, protect against heart disease, absorb vitamins and boost your immune system. Do you know which fats to eat and which to avoid?

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Healthy Thoughts..

Achieving long-term health and energy is a balancing act. Quite simply, what you put into your mind may have as much of an impact as the food and supplements you feed your body.

Many studies have been conducted on the mind-body connection. What we know for sure is that a positive attitude works – when we remember to nurture it.

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Weight Loss Or Fat Loss – Whats the difference?

Some people used the term “weight loss” while others call it “fat loss” whilst many use the terms weight loss and fat loss interchangeably. Do they mean the same thing? To many people, they do mean the same thing. But the terms may be entirely different in meaning. You must know the difference if you want to lose weight or lose fat effectively and healthily.

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Natural Weight Loss Programme Tips..

You will find thousands of natural weight loss programs and lose weight naturally tips when you do an internet search. With so many weight loss programs on the net, how do you find one that will help you to lose weight naturally that is suitable to you?

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Lose Weight Without Starving Yourself..

Many people believe that weight loss is a painful thing. To shift those stubborn pounds you must go hungry all the time. Many are afraid to even set a weight loss goal because they can’t stand the thought of going hungry and the frustrations that it brings.

For a lot of people it’s just better to be overweight than to suffer hunger pangs.

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New Year, New You- When Losing Weight, The Healthy Way is the Best Way..

If you like many other 100s of people are embarking on a new year new you programme, Please remember The Healthy Way Is the Best Way.

60% of Irish adults are overweight or obese up until Nov 2020, obesity continues to be a serious problem here in ireland. One way to prevent this scenario is to make people aware of the risks of being overweight or obese.

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Happy YOU Year!

Leap into the New Year with real resolutions – and make them stick!!!

On 1st January across the world, millions of us make lofty promises to ourselves. We’ll get healthy, go to gym, drink less wine and eat more greens. We plan to be perfect.

By February, most resolutions are gathering dust as we shake off the holidays and wrestle with the reality of work, friendship, parenthood and bills. It doesn’t happen to me so much these days because I have the skills to coach myself out of it but is this your reality?

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